Don’t Cover Your Lemon Meringue Pie!

For those of you who enjoy making (or eating) lemon meringue pie, here’s a helpful tip: Don’t cover it! If you put the pie in the refrigerator to cool down or stay cool, leave it uncovered. I realize you might be leery of it absorbing food odors in the fridge, but that is not as important as keeping it dry.

To be more specific: Meringue does not like moisture. If you cover a lemon meringue pie, moisture inside the cover could condense, and drip onto the meringue. Once moisture comes in contact with the meringue, the meringue could collapse. Also, the moisture could also “burn” craters in the meringue. The meringue’s taste could also be affected.

So, rather than cover it, set aside an area in the fridge where no other food is likely to come in contact with the pie. If there are food odors, then try to locate the source of the odor, and insulate that food. Of course, keep the fridge clean.

You’ll have a much better looking and tasting lemon meringue pie if you do not cover it.

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